Thursday, March 25, 2004

My embarrassing moment for the day.....

I was talking on the phone at work, just after getting back from a fabulous goodbye lunch (for a lady in our office who's moving to another area), and a co-worker slips an open card in front of me to sign. Thinking it's a goodbye, good luck type card for my other co-worker, I, the ever so thoughtful Lori, write..."We'll miss you! Keep in touch! :)". The card is then passed on to others to sign. A little while later, I hear a voice from down the hall, "Lori! Do you know what card you were signing???". I'm thinking, well yeah, and respond that it was a card for the "departing co-worker".

Well....no, actually. It was a SYMPATHY card for my supervisor's dearly departed relative! I was so embarrassed, and reduced to using white out in an effort to cover up my horrible mistake, replacing it with words of sympathy, minus the smiley face of course. Somedays I swear...I am such a dumbass, but at least it gave everyone a reason to laugh, as awful as it would have been if it had gone unnoticed.

I am so stressed out lately. Work is so busy and we're in the middle of trying to buy my bf's parents house, so I work all day and have been spending the evenings writing up the contract and gathering all of our info for the bank, etc. But, things are looking really good and hopefully we will be homeowners on May 1!!

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